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Eager to learn.


Loving & Caring.

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Clarisse Pieter

“I'm a designer who likes to design products or services to provide users a certain satisfaction. I have a critical view on everything that comes my way, good or bad, i'm always on it. I'm addicted to anything sweet, sour or crunchy, and once in a while i love to eat a chili chicken burger.”


This is the perfect app for Vanilia Lovers among us. Vanilia stands for beautiful, fair, luxurious and chic products for the modern, trend-conscious and ambitious woman. You can see everything from the accessories to the outfits, details and prices. Everything in one lookbook that you can personalize to your own taste. It allows you to follow the latest trends and events, and you can win exclusive goodies with fun contests. Order or share your favorite items whenever you want. Start now and benefit of the happy hours right away!


Vintage Album

A Vintage Album App, that allows you to design your own album cover, according to the norms and values​​, thoughts and methods of John Kosh. When you hear a song, you go through certain emotions and thoughts. With different tools, you can translate your vision to a cover, record or CD. It is also possible to join the "promasters", where you're going to compete against other designers in designing the best albumcover for a song, the winner will receive a certain amount of money. The thinking and working method of John Kosh in the 70s, translated into a modern twist, a Vintage Album App.

Vintage Album App

ING App landingpage

For ING customers who are not familiar with, or even do not use the ING Mobile Banking App. A product page to display basic information, but also to persuade them to download the app. It's a Scrolling-page where you will be stimulated in three ways to see the benefits of the application, both informative as persuasive.


NOS Jeugdjournaal

This is a project for the NOS Jeugdjournaal.
For this project we made an application for children between nine and twelve years old, that allows children to deepen themselves through relevant and entertaining information. This is carried out by a combination of experience and storytelling.

NOS Jeugdjournaal


For my thesis i've worked on a way to improve social interaction between travelers on public transport. During this study, i've tryed to find a way which allows travelers to make contact with fellow travelers to eventually get more social contacts or useful connections out of it.
I've seeked out for boundaries and barriers and I've mingled among the travelers to gather as much information as possible.

If you would like to see more about Open,
go to www.open.clarissepieter.nl !

More social travelers, means more happiness and safety on public transport.

Skills & Expertise

Currently i'm studying Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool of Rotterdam. I'm now in my fourth and final year and ready to graduate. In recent years, during my studies i've gained knowledge, skills and expertise in working with design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Besides that I got a sense for interaction and usability, empathize with different users and the ability to work with others like a well-oiled creative team.